Hints about PV5 content…

A few hints as to what we’re planning:

  • 2012 Interview with Python Anghelo and other Python history.
  • Installing the Dutch Pinball Bride of Pinbot 2.0 kit
  • Tour of Mike Pacak’s House and warehouses
  • How to install a monitor Cap Kit (if we can find the footage we shot a few years ago).
  • More great comedy skits that we have ideas for but have not shot yet.

This will be the LAST Pins and Vids video and we’re going to make it the best one ever!

5 thoughts on “Hints about PV5 content…

  1. Fantastic!! I finally ordered PV 4 and a new copy of my MIA PV 3.

    Thanks for the continued GREAT entertainment and support.

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