Hints about PV5 content…

A few hints as to what we’re planning:

  • 2012 Interview with Python Anghelo and other Python history.
  • Installing the Dutch Pinball Bride of Pinbot 2.0 kit
  • Tour of Mike Pacak’s House and warehouses
  • How to install a monitor Cap Kit (if we can find the footage we shot a few years ago).
  • More great comedy skits that we have ideas for but have not shot yet.

This will be the LAST Pins and Vids video and we’re going to make it the best one ever!

Work is beginning on PV5!

Yes, Al is starting to work on PV5 again. Paul has a bunch of Pinball projects in the works and Al is coming out of retirement to finish this LAST Pins and Vids video. Since the loss of our good friend Python Anghelo in early 2014, we have really wanted to get our 2012 interview out so people can see it.

Keep an eye out for PV5!!!

Pins and Vids 5?

Pins and Vids 5?  Heck yeah!  Interviews with Python Anghelo and Mike Pacak are already “in the can”!  Working title: “Crazy Cats Strike Back!”  Does this mean you should delay your purchase of Pins and Vids 4? – Heck No!  We hope to release Episode 5 in 2014 but 2015 is still on the table.  We have a bunch of irons in the fire and this is just one of them.

Rare Bally Time Tunnel up for Auction

Before it was modified and called Space Time, Bally built 70 Time Tunnel machines.  Probably less than 1/2 of those may still remain.

Apparently they had copyright issues with the name and a television show, so it got scrapped in the original Time Tunnel theme.

A pretty nice looking one is currently up on eBay here.

At some point I’d love to collect the rare stuff, but that isn’t in the cards now.  I’ll just have to settle for playing Al’s Varkon often.  “)

Breaking News: Al updates his bio!

In an astonishing turn of events, Al finally updates his Bio on the Pins and Vids About Us page.

Al was previous believed to not have enough computer skills to accomplish this task, but we have all been proven wrong.

I kid… I kid…

But Al really has updated his bio and told quite a story.  I guess I’m going to have to update mine now as his puts mine to shame.

Go read it. Now!  It really is quite funny.

Here… I’ll do all the work for you.  Just click here.

ColorDMD Now Available again!

If you missed out on getting a ColorDMD the first time around for your Attack From Mars, now is your chance, if you are quick.

It appears there are now some available at the ColorDMD website and others such as Bay Area Amusements and Planetary Pinball may also have them in stock for a short time.

If you haven’t checked out the ColorDMD, you can see the installation process and video of it in action on the latest Pins and Vids 4 DVD.