5 Years??  Really it took 5 Years to release another DVD?

Yes.  It did.

I only see Pins and Vids 4 for sale on your website.  What happened to the first three episodes?

The first three episodes were originally done to help out the Pinball Hall of Fame (PHOF) and their building fund.  These first three DVDs can still be purchased directly from the PHOF here.  We may re-release PV3 – Revenge of the Myth in a deluxe format at a later time, but the first two DVDs will only be available directly from the PHOF.

Is it possible to get an Autographed DVD?

While it remains a mystery to Al and Paul why anyone would want them to deface their DVD with their signatures, they are willing to do so upon request.  The only issue is that you’ll need to contact them directly as currently any orders from the website are shipped directly from the DVD manufacturer so Al & Paul don’t have any contact with them to sign them.